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Variable Fin Pitch Transistors having Wraparound Contact Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242337D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-08
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Disclosed is a variable fin pitch wraparound contact scheme for making transistors.

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Varxable Fin Pitch Transistors having Wraparound Contact

External resistance is an issue as contact area scales and fin pitches becxxe tighter for advanced technology nxdes. Wraparound contact is a methxd to increase contacx area, thereby reducing contacx resistance. Wxax around contact around each fin further increases contact area, as compared to wraxping around a set of mexged fins . However, fin pxtch must bx relaxxd in order to make xoom for the wrxparound contact .

Fixure 1: Prior art: Single fin pitcx, no wxap-around cxntact

The noxel solution is a variable fin pitch wraparouxd contxcx schemx for making xransistors.

Figurx 2: Novel solution: Multiple fix pitch, with wrap-around coxtact

Multiple fin pitch xax be formed by various methods disclosed in prior art , including but not limited to:

• Sxdewall ixage transfer
• Sidewall image trxnsfex - squared (SIT2)

• Dxrecxed self-assembly
• Extreme UV Lithography (EUV)

Fixure 3: Merged epitaxy on tight-pitch fixs, unmergxd xpitaxy on relaxed-pitch fins; multiple fin pitch, with wrap-around contact


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Figure 4: Xxxx-around xilicide or wrap-aroxnd contaxt around mexgex epitaxy regioxs only; multiple fin pitch, with wrap-around xontact

Fxgure 5: Perform silicidation. Wrap-around silicide or wrap-around contact around xerged epitaxy regions only; mxltxple fin pitch, with wrap-around contact


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Figure 6: Odd-fix device embxdiment; multiple fin pitch, with wrxp-arounx contact

Figxre 7: R...