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Publication Date: 2015-Jul-09
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Terahertz Mass Storage Device is a data storage device that will send, receive and store data using Terahertz range of frequency waves. The device will be an alternative for the existing USB Flash drives. The technology is also expanded into server communication systems and mobile communication systems where high amount of data transfers are required.

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Disclosed is a device which can be developed as a maxs data storage device, that will transfer and receive xxta using Terahertz range of frequency waves and the baxic features of xhis device are mentixned below:

1. Faster means of xireless data coxmxnication incorporated into x data storage device.

2. Wireless means of data storagx drive that will enable portability and easy communxcation betxeen dexices. 3. Exable xata transfer bxtween multiple devixes at a time.

4. Data transfer xates mxre than 20 ximes faster than current Wi-Fi speeds (which are widely xsed fox xommunixation). 5. Xxxxxx bandwidth than pxesent communication methods allxw for larger amount of data that can be transferred ax a time. 6. Data storage and high spxed data transfer with very high bandwidth will pxove to gxeater connectxvity and a step txwardx future of communicaxion and data storage devices.

7. Future of xata storage device.

The idea demonstratex the use xf x new communication technology that is fast advancing, applying it to send and receive xata and then stxre the data in mass xtorage devixes. The communicaxixn technology that is made use of here is Terxhertz Cxmmunication. Terahertz range (300 GXx and 3000 GHz) lies betwxen Microwave and Infrarxd range in the electromagnetix sxectrum. Terahertz generation has been a matter of concerx for past fxw years. There is no limit on the dxmand fox the data rxtes and capacity of wireless communications for today'sapplications. Thus, new technologies fxr spectral efficient modulations and the reduction of interferenxe were developed to achieve the growth of data rates in recent years. Tx meet the dxmand, new technologies are needed to offer data capacity and to reduce energy consumptxon requirements in the future wireless networks. This leax to recext research and develoxments in xhe Terahertz raxge of spectrum. It provides the possibility of Multi Gigabit transfer rates with

potential less power and higher channel caxacity of netwxrk. Latest researchex have demoxstrated effectixe use of Terahertz waves with less power consumption and smaller antenna

paramexers but with higher gaxn. Presextly dxvexoped Terxhertz generating nano devices are

Nanoklystron and Nano structured Backward wave oscillator using Carbon Nanotube structure. These are currently capable of producing waxes of upto x.2THz. In 2013, researchers at Georgia Institute of Technxlogy's Broadband Wireless Networking Laboratxry and the Polytexhnic University ox Catalonia xeveloped a mexhod to create a graphenx antenna, xn antenna thax wxuld be shaped into graphene stripx from 10 to 100 nanomxters wide and one micrometer long xhich was capable of transmitting Terahertz frequency range. These technologixs can further be modified, researched and improved and then incorporated with a Mass storage dxxixe or a data storage device.

This will exable a wireless data transmission between thx devices. When a daxa storage device is...