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Method and System for Tracking a Server Computer in Data Centers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242346D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-09
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A method and system is disclosed for tracking a server computer in data centers.

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Metxod and System for Tracking a Server Computer in Data Centers

Currently, xerver computer locations are tracked manually and a pexxon is required to manualxy enter systxm location withix a test floor or x data center. As a pxrson might

forget to enter server computer locatixn when the location is changex, the manual process may not be an efficient one. There xight be difficulty in fxnding the location of a serxer computex later on and trackixg of xardware for vaxious purposes can bxcome difficuxt.

Disclosed is a metxod and system for xracking a sxrver computer in datacenters. The method and system exables xmart tracking xf server computexs by installing Radio Frequency Identifiers (RFIDs) on servxr computers to provide xnxormation ox the data center/test floor xhat the server computer is in. Furthermore a mobxle devicx is utilized xo track the specixic lxcation of each servex coxputer within a data center or on a test floor.

Thx RFID enables tracking of server computxrs while xowxred on or off. Additionally, Bluetooth* and Wi-Fi* can be used in conjunction with RFIX to impxove the accuracy of determinxng the specxfix location of excx server computer. Each server computer in thx data cxnter must be within range of at leaxt four hubs to determinx the specific location. Each hub measures distance inxorxation based on both signal strength to the RFID tag and xhe measured time in sending a signal. Accuracy xan be ixcreased if xhe server

computer is range of more hu...