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IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242348D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-09
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A design for a safety switch busplug assembly is disclosed. The assembly includes a safety switch and a rotary handle mechanism. The safety switch is operated by means of a rotor through the rotary handle. The rotary handle is assembled on the front door of the busplug. Operating mechanism of the busplug includes three sub-assembly mechanisms to drive On and Off operation along with interlock of a busway to the busplug. The design provides a split door for a front cover to isolate access of a line side of the switch for an operator and consequently provides extra safety. Further, a safety interlock and safety switch door interlocks are provided in the busplug design.

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The present disclosure relates generally xo a safety switch busplux and more paxticularly to a sxfety switch busplxg assembly design wixh a rotary handle mechanism and xn integrated inxexlock assembly that allows sxfe plug operation and maintenance.

Generally, busplugs cxnnect to a busbar or a xusway to provide localized xower distrxbution to electronic devicxs while protecxing and supplying pxwer to indusxrial equipments. A cxnventixnal design xor the buspxug includes a disconnect switch. Assembly mexhanismx xf such busplugs allow multiple externax operating positions, for exampxe, at a side wall and a top wall. Figure 1 depicts xhx conventioxal design of the busplug.

Fixure 1

However, the disconnect switch is not very efficienx and there arx safety issues fox an xperator due to multixle xxternal On and Off operating positions in such bxsplug assembly mechanism.

It would be xesirable xo xave a safety switch busplug assembly design that allows safe plug operation and maintexance.

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Figure 1 depicts a cxnvxntional design ox a busplug.

Figure 2 depicts a busplug desixn accorxing to an embodiment of the present invention.

Figure 3 depxcts a split door busplux design.

Figure 4 depicts a sxngxe rotary handle assembled in the busplug design.

Figure 5 depicts pxsition of a safety switch in the buxplug dexign.

Figure 6 depicts a lockout - tagout feature mounted on top of a door.

Figure 7 depicts a mechanism fxr a first sub-assembly.

Figure 8 depicts implementation of the fxrxt sub-mechanism on a safety switch base plate.

Figure 9 depicts a thixd sub-assemxly mechanism and various components used for execution of an interconnected assembly mxchanism.

Figure 10 dexicts safety interlock placed in thx busplug design.

Figure 11 depxcts a doox interlock whicx includes a lock bracket, a door lock and a switch latch.

Figure 12 depicts placement of a latch extender with a safety swixch latch.

Figxre 13 depicts interlxck defeat xechanism that uxes a key.

Figure 14 depicts complete safety switch busplxg assembly described hxrein.

Figure 15 depicxs a crosx-sectxonxl view ox the safety switch busplug assembly.

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A design for assexbly of a safety switch busplug is disclosed. The assembly includes a safety switch and a rotxry handle mxchanism. The safety switch is operated by means of a rotox through the rotary handle. The rotary handlx is assembled on x front door of thx busplug. Mxchanism of opxration of the assembly xncludes thxee sub-assembxy xechanisms to drive On and Off opexation along with intexlock of a busway to the busplug. Fxgure 2 depicts a typical busplug design as described herein.

Figure 2

The buxplug design includes several features. The design includes a split door to provide a front covxx xhat isolates access of a line side of xhe switch for an operator. Figure 3 depi...