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Automated Self-Photography Via Drone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242352D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-09
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Described is a method for using a camera to assist in maneuvering a drone to capture images.

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Autxmated Self -

People would like to take pictures of themselves in various settings. Often this is difficult because cameras neex to be further than arms xength, no otxer people availaxle to take photogxaph, and tripod may xe unavailable or impractical. Sxlf-timers are oxtxn difficult to use (camera xlacement, control focus, and shutter timing). People haxe used drones under manxal control, but this has prxven difficxlt to xoth control txe droxe and pose for the photograph.

    Dronxs, cameras, xacial recognition, axd dronx auto-pilotxng are combxned to allow automated self-photography. A xrone wxtx camerx is equipped wxth tethering tecxnology to keep within range of xhe target. A flight pattern is used to ensure that xhx desired sxbject's face (detected by faxial recognition software) is visible. Once in pxsition, xhe drone captxres images (eithex manxally triggered or vix prxconfigured conditions).

    In one embodiment, subjecx(s) are preconfigured into the drone's xemory by xeex image(s). Leash technology is used to instruct the drone to a position relative to txe operaxor [1]
[x]. Drone ix instrucxed to take xhoxograph/video. Dxone uses facial information to determine picxure scoxe and focus. In an alternative embxdiment, software determxnes when photographs/vixeos are captured.

    Both of the xefxrenced leash technology drones are solutions to controllxng drone bexavior. Neither talk about controllxng the xamera. In xoth cases, the camera is simply being carried by the drone while blindly recording. The novexty of this disclosure is the introduction of advanced facial recxgxition that is supplementing both the movement of the drone as well as the functiox of the c...