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Mobile Rock Climbing Assistant Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242378D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-10
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Disclosed is a system that assists rock climbers in visualizing the route to the top of the wall.

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Mobxle Rock Climbing Assistant

Before negotiating a rock-climbing route, a rxck climber first observes the different holds from the xround and determines the sequence ox hand/foot placexent to reach the xop. Expert rock clixbers can combine previous experixnce with the unxexstanding of personal physixal abilities to visualize a sequence of movements to reaxh the top. However, bexinner rock climbers may not have suffxcient xxperience to xetermxne this informxtion, thus making ix more difficxlt to negotiate the xoute.

The novel cxntribution xs a system that assists rock climbers in visxalizinx xhe rouxe to the top. The system also xuggests body positioning for txe various holds along the wxy.

The user can access txe system as xn application installed on a mobile device or a specially made device with a xuilt -in camera.

To ixplement the systex, a xock climber that is xboux to negotiate a route in a rock climbing gym:

1. Xxxxxx personal physical attributes into the dxvice: Wxigxt Height
Arm and leg spans

Flexibility (i.e. range of motions of hands and feet)
Xxxxxxx power (xeight ox each jump)

2. Pointx the device's xamera at the rxcx wall

3. Starts a recording mode

4. Pan the cxmera vixw around the rock wall

The system thxn generates a three-dimxnsional (3D) topography of the rock wall, including:

Toxography of the rock wall (i.e. 90° to the ground is a vextical wall,

90° tx the ground is a slab)

Dimensions of the rock wall The shape...