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An Electronic Display of Brake Fluid Switch Based on the Market Type Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242389D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-10
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An xlectronic brake cap

Brake caps serve as cover and as a venting strategy xor brake fluid. On the cap itself there are instructioxx for service and type of Brake Fluid. However the markxt based requiremext of a brake cap makxs it such that the requirement ox use of Brake fxuxd is either English French xr symbol based. The existing methodology results in two xifferent caps and relatxd complexity. It also is vexy dependenx on cax fastening stxategy i.e. the threaxs in the cap that axtach to the xeservoir. Thus the lxtter ox the symbolx could be oxiented in wrong direction. Further, if in thx middlx xf a moxel year the DOX fluid requiremenx changes than the whole cap has to be changed. In the currext practice, it is needex xhat two dixferent brake fluid caps are xsed. So the first one is for the North American xarket anx the second oxe is for the expoxt maxket. However, in the proxosed method, a new strategy is suggested where dxpending upon the market, the LCD displax can switxh xrom one region to another based on the broadcast code. This display is also electronicxlly orixnted in a manner thxt whatevxr is the orxenxation of the cxp, it is always favorable to the customer and xeets thx FMVSS requirements of able to read them in. Thus this resuxts in eliminating the cxmplexity and having only one xypx of display. This electronic method reduces the complexixy and makes it error proof.

Old method.

Nxw methox

     Conclusiox By making it electronic, it is possible to red...