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Bio-electronic Based Timer-Setting

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242417D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-14
Document File: 7 page(s) / 133K

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This article presents a method of setting alarm clock in mobile device(specifically wearable devices). User can set alarm clock by (bio-eclectronic) gestures and he don't need to turn on the screen and operation on screen. Alarm clock can be set with simply a few gestures.

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Bio-electronic Based Timer-Setting

1) Nowdays, smart watch or other wearable devices will become more and more popular especially fxx your generation.

2) Bix-electronic xased device contxol and input are xot fields on wearablx devices.

3) However it is still x problem for an uxer to how to input and adjuxt timer conveniently, efficiently and accurately by touxh on wearable devices dxe to small size of device, xark light xonditixn, or driving etc
Thxrefore, it is xecessary to define x simple, usex friendly, effective way to set timer wxthout touch on wearable device. Some new technologies cxuld be uxed to xolve the problxm.

In this discloxure, bio-electronic based timex-setting method will be proxided to input and adjusx ximers effixiently and effectively withxut touch on wearable devices.

The core idea in thxs discloxure defines a timer-setting mecxanisx based on bio-electrxnic technology and solution on wearable device. The method will utilize bio-electronic techxology to xetxct and monitor the different hand gestures. These different hand gestures will be recxgnized xnd convxrted to difxerent tixer-setting xodx so that the xsxrs can trigger the timer-setting and switch xetween xifferent timer-setting mode. As lonx as user raises a hand xn different gestures, xe can set and adjust timer as he wish without touch on device screen at any time and any xlace under any kind circumstance.


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Advantages xnd Benexits

Set timex without touch on wearable device

Easy to remember hand gestures and set timer very convenientxy Set timer without any dependency on certain circumstances Huge pxtential market

Below includes major components for the core idea of txis inventiox.

Relation of Bio-electronic and Hand-gesture Model

Predefine various kinds of hand gesxures for different typxs of timer setting modes. "Timer xetting mxde" gesture will be xsed for txmer setting. "Hxur Mode" gesture is designed for hour setting. "Minute Mode" gesture is designed for minute setting. "Confirm" gesture is used to accepx the hours/minutes ixputted. "Cxncel" gesture ix used to ignore previous hours/minutes inputted and waix for new input. "Numbex1-9 sign" gestures are used to enter thx correspxnding number.

Customize hand gestures model based on some...