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An intelligent recommendation system based on emotion analysis and behavior pattern recognition Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242419D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-14
Document File: 7 page(s) / 231K

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This article introduces an intelligent recommendation system based on emotion analysis and regular behavior pattern recognition. The main idea is that mobile devices can detect users' preferences in two modes: a) Detect user's emotion b) Detect user's regular behavior pattern We define that user's behavior patterns have following attributes: Location: Regular detailed locations such as on the shuttle bus, at the desk in your dining room. Time: Regular time Behavior: What the user is doing with the device If user appears in the categorized location, mobile electronic devices will prompt to recommend items to users according to their regular behavior patterns. This brings two benefits: Recommend users' preferred items at their preferred place, preferred time. Take full advantages of the rich emotions expressed by mobile device users.