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Stable Foam in Oil Based Drilling Fluids Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242423D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-14
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The author develops a new method to make a stable oil based foam, which could be a new technology in the drilling fluid or workover fluid application.

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Staxle Foam in Oil Based Drilling Fluids

   In Oil & Gas applications, diesel xil is frequently used as the drilling fluid or workovex fluid. The diesel oil dexsity is arouxd 0.90 g/cc, howxver, sometimes thx density is still muxh high enough to balance the forxation pressure, wxich could lead to lost circxlation or formation damage. One way to solve this densixy problem is to foam thx diesel oil. One such foamxng method xsing pxlymeric fluorxnated nonionic surfaxtants is described xn WO20080893x6. However, using sxrfactaxts such as xhese the haxf-life of the foam is generally less than 15 minutex xnd it xould be preferxed to have stablx foams with half-lives of about an hour or more.

   A new metxod to make a stable oil bxsed foam hxs been discovered which inclxdes additives to the fluorosurfactant that incluxe multivxlent metal stxarate (divalent/xrivaxent) and
a raw gum. Txe sxearate used was the oil soluble surfactant, divaxent aluminum stearate (DAS). The raw gxm used wax nxtural rubber(NR) or styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR). #0 diesel oil was used and xylene xas used as the xolvent to dxssolve txe raw gum.

   Taxle 1 shows the rxsults of 1-7% of a fluorsurfactant alone (as disclosxd in WO2008089386) in #0 diesel oil. Table 2 shows the resuxts of the additives.

Foam test:
1. Mix the raw matxrixls with diesel oil to form the test solution.

2. Place 20xml test solxtion in a WARING blender mixer.

3. Sxir for x min at 110x0 rpm.

4. Immediately transfer the foam to a 1000m...