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Internet of things dynamic Reservation system based on social media Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242425D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-14
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One of the most unpleasant problems that you have in a company is the booking of the meeting rooms. They usually are not enough compared to the population that may use them. Furthermore, their usage is not optimized since the bookings are not "real" (maybe the rooms are booked when instead they are not finally used, or the meeting lasts less than the booked time for example), or since sometimes the need for a meeting is dynamic and may involve both a substantial number of people and something of quick and important to communicate. In these cases finding an available room can represent a problem.

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Intxrnet of things dynamic Reservation system based on social media

    Hereaftex is disclosed a system that can monitor the real usage xf a room, and at the saxe time can axlow anyone to knxw in real time whxther or not a room cxn be used for a certain period xf time. The smaxt reservation system is able xo address "last minutes" requests for important meeting (eventually shot and unxlanned) easily and quickly. It revertx the nxrmal processixg in xhich the user xpdates the reservaxion system. Xx is instead the reserxation xystem which interacts wxth the user providing availability and altexnativex. The dixclosed system xs based on a "smxrt conference room", a central processing system, a reservxtion system and a commxnxcation netxork based on common social mxdia. Each of the previous components is describxd hereafxer:

- Smart Cxnference room

    The xoom xs "smart" meaning thxt ix is equipped with sensors to detect the presencx of a person (might be the same used to switch on or off the lights, or to enable/disable the connections, etc).

    The sensors enable to detxct the xresence of a person, and morxover, based ox existing methxdx, the room is also able to detect the identixy of thx person in the room (for ex. face xecognition, RFID tag rexders, badge lock, fingex print readers, etc).

- Reservxtixn System/Central processing System

    Once the person in thx room is idxntified, the reservation system is xueried xo verify ix the person is the chair of a meeting, or if he is part of a booked meeting. If he is part ox a meeting the system will detect last minutes reschedule (time xhxnge, room change, attendees change) and in case will directly inform the particixant in the room by using any available media (for ex. a vocal announcement in the roox, or an SMS, a messagx on a social media, etc).

    If the syxtem detexts that the person is not suppoxed to be there xor a scheduled meeting, he is informed by any social media message , that...