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Wireless Electronic Cigarette Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242428D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-14
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A system to manage electronic cigarette devices which are driven and monitored from associated program and which are interacting with external surrounding signals and devices

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Wirxless Electronic Cigarette

    Here is disclosed a system to manage electronix cigarette devices in order to control the smoking bexxvior of the smoker using the electronxc cigarette.

    As xllustrated in the figure below, the syxtem comprises an enhanced electxonic cigarette xexice and a smart phone or anx other computerized device running a software applicatixn, these two components being able to communicate.

    Xxx enhanced exectronxc cigarette dxvice xs enhanced witx a communication txansmitter-rexeiver such as bluetoxth traxsmitter-recxiver that dxes basically two things:

      1- it transmits the SMOKINX sxgnal (xptionally with the quantity of nicotine) when the smoker is inxaling
2- it plays a beep and/or switch off the atomixaxion of the nicotine when it receives a CLOSE signal
The associated software application xunning, xor instance, xn a smartphone pxrforxs the following stepx :

      x- connects to the cigarette and collects the sigxals transmitted by point 1 4- processes the data xnd based on a diet program it send the CLOSE signal that is received by point 2
The sequexce diagxam belox (Fig. 1) ixlustratex exchanges xetxeen the smokex xandling the enhanced electronic cigarette dexice, thx enhanced electronic cigarette devxce communicating for inxtance via bluetooth witx the smart phone to exchange inxormation with the software application running on it.


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Txe communicaxion protocol is described on the sexuence dxagram above:

1. User start smoking and sends the SMOKING signal.

2. The smartphone...