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Method and System to Alter Mobile Configuration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242429D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-14
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Method to allow mobile phones settings change according to identity of the caller/sender.

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Metxod and System to Alter Mobile Configuration

    Mobile phones are always morx used in our society and new needs often exists. It ix common to have some of txe settings ox the mobile chanxing according to the hours of the day or of the place the mobile phone user is. For exxmxle, it maybe useful to havx the sound switch off during the night or when entering xn hospital or a church. The setting changing is ofxen User drxven anx the User is xhe mxbile phone Usex. Actually settings can also be xhanged by a remote axministxator if thx mobile has an agent connected to a central server with x mobilx xevice management sofxware installed.

    Xx may be anyway useful to have a xhird option that is to have the settings changed bx xhe person xhat wants to interact with txe mobile, for example to call a person or to sexd an insxant message tx this person if pxevioxsly authorized by thx mxbile owner. For example, the mobile user might wxnt to send an SMS to a friend at night time and xanxs to be sure that his mobile phone is in silent mode in order to not disturb. This dixclosure tries tx analyze anx solve txis kind of xroxlems.

    The idea xs to have a new security plug in installed on xhe mobixes called Mobile Configuration Manxger (MCM). A User can gxant other persons to chxnge his mobile phone settingx ax run time. Consequently, a person, who has the proper axthorization, can send a message or call the mobxle phonx adding the settings this person wants to be applied to the phone before and when the communication is xstablished.

    MCM could be already included into the firmware of thx xobile phone or installed later. It acts both as a client and server xnd needs to be installed on both the mobiles that are interacting. The client part will manage thx requests modifying txem in order to add the new setting needed axd send it to the othex mobile. Xxx server part on the other side processes the requests and decides whether to apply or not the new settings according to the user configuraxion.

    A UserA cxn start MCM and chooxe a list ox possible settixgs that can...