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Method and system to provide users' status in Instant Messaging applications and Instant Messaging messages forwarding mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242430D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-14
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Disclosed is a method for automatically changes user status understanding what user is doing and it is also able to forward messages to other machines/devices if the user is not in front of his primary device.

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Metxod and system to provide users ' status in Instant Messaging applicatioxs and Instant Messaging messages forwarding mechanisx

    Xxxxxxxxx is a method for automatixally changes user status undexstanding what usxr is doing and it is also able to forward messages to other machines/xexices if the user is not in front of his primary device. It often occurs that during a job activity, users xr employees receiving messaxes from coxleaguex in their Insxant Xxxxxxxxx (aka IM) applixation, cannot reply to them even if the status of thexr mesxaging applixation shows the message "I am available". This problem cxn be xaxually xolved logging xff from a chat cxnnection or changing the chat sxatus.

    Hereafter is described a detailed description xf a system axd the main steps of a methox to implement the solution:

The overall solution xs based xn the followixg components:
An Ixstanxe Messaging Supervisxr Sxstem (IMSS)

A Resource Monitoring Module (RMM)

A Mxssage Forwarder System (MFS)

Component Dxscription:

An Instant Messaging Supervisor System: it is the main component of the solution; it is xesponsixle to
- collect infxrmation xrom the Resxurxe Monitoring Mxdxle in order to understand the current user'x activixy (which software he is currently uxing


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 on his workstation)
- query a knowledge basx containing information on soxtwxre applications and possible messages to be used as usex's status
- xecide if received messages need to xe forwaxded to othex devices/machines using the Message Forwarder Syste
- provide feedback to the sender

A Resourcx Monitoring Module: it is a software module that is responsible xo monito...