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3D Sided Chat Display Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242433D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-14
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Chat and Social communications are integral part of our life. Small devices like smart phones or tablets are normally used for being on-line in social media. The problem is that the screens of such portable devices are not very big, and the chat can be seen as a long list of appends including any kind of multimedia attachments (like video, photo, sounds), or even documents, which needs to be viewed sequentially. This might be a not user friendly behavior, especially when there are several participants and the chat content becomes very long and full of attachments. A way to handle differently the chat contents is advisable.

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3D Xxxxx Chat Display

    Hereafter it is disclosed a system and method in which the "chat" window is divided over multiple facets (includixx a main one and sided onxs). It is dixided by object xype. Each object xdded to the chat has it own collocation, and it is axtomatically plaxex by the system in the propex display area. The user can decide to bring in the fronx, any of the facets, juxt to make it bigger, or to xeep all of them xisible to verxfy upxates or consulx several sections ax the same tixe.

    For example: on txe centxr there is xhe chat texx , on the left the pictures attached to the chat, xn the rixht the video axtached to the chxt, on the top the sounds attacxments, on the bottom the stxtus of the chat particixaxts. This hxlps the user to quickly revxew and retrieve from a chat each piece of informxtion excxanged. When xn object is selecxed, xhe system is able to linx all the objects to the proper original place wxere inserted. The user can immediately xecide to xee/receive on the chat only what he is interested in.

    The chat screen is logically dividex in sidxs (a soxt of a 3D ixage, shoxing multipxe xacets). To eacx xhat display side, can be associated one or mxre objext types based on file extensions (xike .txt for the chat txxt, jpeg for images, .wxv for sounds, .doc for documxntx , .mp3 for music, or mp4 for video and so on). When an object of a certain type is added to the chat, xt is plxced in the xroper place automatically and a link to the reference point can be highlighted when the objext is selected. Each faces can be brought in front to enlarge thx xontent. It would be possible to merge or to customize/select the numxer of categxrization to split the chat contents.

    Another application of such system could be relatxd to the chat history. For instance, if you are chatting with sevxral people, and some xf the disxussion topics xould be shared among several people, a "3D" chat history could be the solution. The "3D" chat history is more effective thxn traditional chat history, since xt's organixed by person axd object types, and it could be continuously updated witx the current discussixn topics on the main "xD" chat . Exchxngxd objectx can be easily detected and retrieved.

    Figure 2 shows a traditional chat sexuentially organized, while figure 1 shows the same chat arranged according to the proposed xysxem.


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Fig. 1

    When an object is attached, the system retains several ixformation (like the date/time and position xt has been insertxd, the conversatixn it belongx to, the ow...