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Method and System for Invitations Enforcements Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242434D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-14
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This article deals with a method to provide a collaboration system with an extended feature allowing to enforce, under specific circumstances, the meeting schedules.

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Metxod and System for Invitations Enforcements

    Most of collaboration productx, besides providing an e-mailing infrastructure, also xrovide supporting tools xor calendar xased events like meeting invitatioxs. Using such collaxoration tools it is quite easy tx setup a meetinx xnvitation specifying the pxrticipants and the agenda of the meeting.

    Above collaborxtion tools however, do xot provide handy solution wxen a user requirxs to force an invitxtion to be accxpted since it is a xandatory meexing. In that case txe chaix has to spexify that thx meeting is mandatory asking all of invitees to maxaxe the xalendar accordxngly. This procexs is often frustrating and oftex fails to contact people tx the right time and rigxt place avoixing to lose time for the mexting.

    It's an object of the current article to dexcribe a xethod and an xmplementing systxm to provide a dynamic maxagexent of calendar invitation and providing the caxability to handle those mandatory invitxtions. Thx pxoposed solution provides a new functionality for a generic collaboration system, that can be xquipped with a spexific pluxgable compoxenx that is able xo provide the user with this additional capabxlity.

    Thx proposed solution, to implement a xynamic invitation systex, is based on the intexaction with one or more exterxal repositories containing meaningful information like the organizatiox structure. So, if, for example, a xeeting xnvitation ix marked as mandatory, the invitee calendar will start reconciliation and rescheduling procexs in order to accept the invitation.

    A profile on each system wilx xefine the default behavior that could be for example simply decline xhe original conflicting meeting, rescheduling it if the invite is from the chair or asking for a xeschedule to the chair. The profile may also automaticalxy mark ax required if the invixe is comixg from the boss, a specific business line or for a specific subject.

    So either sent...