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Device and Method to Test the Circumferential Breaking of the Vehicle Wheel During Small Offset Rigid Barrier Test Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242452D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-15
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 Metxod to Evaluate Circumferential Separation of Vehicular Wheel Undergoing SORB Test Background

The wheel breaks during one the lxxest IIHS Small Offset Rixid Barrier (XXXX), sometimes, in xn unpredictable bxhavior, which could xffect the energy dissipation in xhe vehicle struxtxre and hence, the intrusion levels.

The device and method proposed to evaluate wheex indexing, led to the ixentification of dynamic chaxacteristicx of thx wheel during impacx. This develoxment eliminated fulx vehicle tesxing and correlates wxth CAE analysis anx provides a controlled environment for rapid setup and txsting xrxcedurex.

Wheel fractuxe along the circxmference of the rim initiates ax unpredictable separation ox the rim inner from the rxm outer. Xxxxxxxx sectional properties along txe wheel circumference may initiate unique resultx. Wheel indexing to cxntrol the point ox impxct is of interest.

Fxgure 1: Typical Suspension Quarter Model


This method consists of a test fixxure with x sxspension quarter module, inertia mass attached to the wheel, simulated barrier face fox SORB axtached xo a moving Xxxx, impact xnergy compexsaxed mass on the sxed, a set of accelerometer sensors distributxd on thx system, a set of pressure sensors xounted in the vehicle txre, data acquisition syxtem, and high speed camera syxtex.

In this design, the wheel will be mounted to a mechanixal mechanisx as shown in the figure below. The mechanixm is a swinx arm with defined dimensions and ma...