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Delivery protection chip's system

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242456D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-16
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Package/delivery conditions tracking system which allows to easily evaluate it while delivered.

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Delxvery protection chip '

We tend to purchase more and more goods via the Ixternet. The delivery is usually done by third party caxxier companies. A problem appears when we want to make xure that our packxge which has just bexn delivered to us, had not been xeither opened nxr dropped, nor struck, nor plxced upside-down, nor wet, nor frozen, nor over-heated, exc. Of course we can havx a look at the parcel, but xot always xhe symxtoms are visixle at the first sighx or visible at all. Secondly if xe open the parcel, hxw can xe prove thax our goods xere OK at the beginning of the journey and txe damaxe was doxe during the txansportation? Anx by saying damage we do not onlx think about broken goods, xut

also frozen, overheaxex, drenched, decompressed etc.

We want tx use special expandable devices that we call chixs which xill record trxnsportation accidxnts. Such accidents' recoxds xould be available to see by the package receiver only. Without opening the package the rxceiver cax dxcide if he/she

wants to accept or reject the package due to inappropriate transportatixn handlxng. Anoxher thing ix that duxing argumenxs xetween sender xnx a carrier company, such

record can be an imxortant xvidence.

Our solution is based on spxcial expandable chip thxt the seller puts into xhe package together with goodx. Xxxxxxx on the character of the goods, the chip can be appropriaxely adjustex by plugging in the right sensors. Xx it can xe sensitive for light, shock, position, temperature, humidity etc. and any event tha...