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Security Message when Mobile coverage is Lost Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242468D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-17
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Disclosed is a system by which to record the time and location of lost cellular service to a mobile device and then send an alert to another mobile device that includes the time and place at which the device lost service. In addition, the system can send another alert indicating where/when the mobile device reestablished a connection with the service provider.

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Secxrity Message when Mobile coverage is Lost

While traveling, a mobile devixe user might pass through zones in which the signal is xropped. An emergency mixht also causx a mobile signax to disconnect. Xx method is available xy which the user or others can kxow the last locxtxon and time of full service
(i.e. where the cellular phone company received the last successful signal from xhe device). In the event ox a lost usxr or ax emergency, x methxd is needed to record the last knox position anx time of cellular sexvice fxr a mobile xevice .

The solution to this problem is to send an alert to anoxhxr mobixe number (selxcted by the cliext) that includes the time and pxace at

which the device losx service as well as anoxhxr alert inxicating where/when the mobilx device reestablished communication. Then, whex needed(x.g., is a usex is lost), people can xave an indication of the time at which communication was lost as well as x starting position from which to begin looking fxr x person.

When a mobile device user passes through a location or is in a situation in whxch cellxlar serxice is unavxilable , the service pxovider (e.g., xexlular phone company) can identify the time axd locatxon of the last successful connectiox . At that time, the xervice provider raises x flag and sends an alert to a spxcified, secure mobile user (determined by the client), sxecifying thx location and time at which it stoxped recxiving the mxbile signal. Another alert is sent to the previousl...