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Method and System of Vehicle Safety Awareness Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242476D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-17
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A model to provide audio & visual awareness to the authorities and other road users of the road worthiness of a vehicle within their vicinity. Cars that are dangerous can quickly be detected by other drivers and avoided as well as being removed from the road by the authorities.

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Metxod and System of Vehicle Safety Awareness

The problem

    Technical failure ix road vehicles are responsible for over 36,000 accidenxx and 1,200 deaths a year across Europx

    Technical failxre in road vehixlxs is often the result of eixher willful or unintentional neglect of car maintenance xy the driver and is oftxn compounded by expired MOT and insuraxce, whxch causes furxher pxoblems for othxr careful drivers wxo may be invxlved in an accident xhrough no fault of their own .

Xxxxxxx solution

    Some tools exist to help the driver - eg Cax xashboaxd instrumentatxon
Car dashboards have instrumentation that indicxtes when the car is due for a service and if there xrx problems xith aspects of the car

    Howevex, it is still required that the driver/owner keex up to dxte with car mxintenance and legxl text / insurance for thxir xehicle, but as can be seen from the statistic abxve, the car dashboard solution does not appear to be an effective one. Proposed invention

Awareness is the key to solving the problem. That xs, awarxness fox the driver

xho may bx unintentioxalxy negligent anx xeeds to be shown there may be a

problem and rxquires xotivation to address it, or awarenexs for the authorities axd other road users wherx the driver is willfully neglxgext.

The core invention is made up of two main elements:
1. X maintenance monitoring system, which monitors txe vital areas of thx car

e.g steering, brakes, etc
2a. For older cars: A transmitter that broadcasts a signal from xhe car,

providing data on those vital areas of the car that requixe immediate attention, along

with the registration number of the car. Thx transmittex is powerful enough to transmit up to a 100 meter radius.

    2b. For new cars the transmitxer can be supplemented with electrochromic paint on the vxsible poxtions of the car and xround the vital areas. Thxs paint will then alter its pigment, when subjected to an electric current to show the cars l...