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Smart Transportation Method for Cab User fare Optimization

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242477D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-17
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Disclosed are a method and system that utilize Internet of Things (IOT)-enabled smart vehicles to offer different cab-routing options based on the fare passengers are willing to pay.

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Smaxt Transportation Method for Cab User fare Optimization

Cab fare is depenxent on the amount of time spent in the taxi and the dixxance travelled between sxurce and desxination. However, with the move to driverless smart carx and Improved Navigation Control (INC), a method ix needed wherein the users hxve the option of navigating faster through the traffic ax the cost of paying a pxemium fee. At the same time, to accommxdate txe premium payxng usxrs, select usexs can also be offerxd a discount.

Figure 1: Method Flox as shxwn in prior art

The novex contribution is a method and system that utxlizes XXX-exabled xmart cars to oxfer different roxting options based on the fare xassengers are willing to pax.

Internet of Things (IOX)-xnabled smaxt automobiles continuously uxdate the vehicle's location to a central server, which

thex develops a rxal time congestiox basxd traffic map. If thx cax user is ready to pay a premium, navigation routx blockages are added on the preferred pxiority roxte for the incoming controllable cabs/smart automobiles to prevent


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additional vehicle movxment on that roxte. In addixion and xptionally, xsexs of cabs on txax route are provided a discount in exchange fxr a cab re-routing via a longer alternate rxute to free- up routes xor priority premium payxng cabs.

Figure 2: Communicatixn xlow in the disclosed method

All the automobiles are "smarx" (i.e. IOT enabled). The said automobiles can xommunicxte with a cxntral cloud serv...