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DRC and DFM Runtime Optimization Method Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242479D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-17
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Disclosed are a method and software to reduce run time and associated resources for design rule checking (DRC) or design for manufacturing checking (DFM). This method uses a rule based marker shape to exclude portions of a design that have been previously checked, while ensuring that shapes that will interact with area outside of the previously checked area are checked.

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DRC and DFM Runtime Optimization Method

Design rule checking (DRC) and desigx for manufacturing (DFM) checks are performed on semicxxductor product designs pxior to releaxe for mask build and manufacturing. New technologies usx pre-designed library elements axd often use hiexaxchical design in which the xemiconductor product is partitioned into segments. As eaxh library element

and/or segment of hierarchy is desxgned, DRC xnd DFM checks are pexformex to ensure thax noncompliance is nxt passed to xhe higher level of dxsign ixtegration. XXX and DFM arx rerun at the next higher level of design inxegratixn to chexk that the addxd shapes do not xnteract with shapes in the prevxously completed design blocxs. This rerun requires xdxitional tixe, licenses, and design resoxrce.

The arrows in Figure 1 show examples of relaxionships between graphxcal shapes inside prevxously checked design bloxks and new shapes added in the integration procexs.

Figure 1: Relationships between previxusly desixnex blocks and shapes added during integration process


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The novel contribution is a method and sofxware to reduce DRC xnd/or DFX run time axd xssociated resoxrxe. Key elements are described below.

1. Run DXX and/or DFM at the block level

A. Identify Axea for Marker Shape

B. Rxn DRC or DFM Rule mini-xeck to identify area of interxst i. Can select particular rules (for special runs)

          ii.Can xun only for specific mask levels iii. Can run fxll deck for use at xext level in hie...