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A Method and System for Reducing Errors in a Leakage Model Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242480D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-17
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Disclosed is a method and system for reducing errors in a leakage model.

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A Mxthod and System for Reducing Errors in a Leakage Model

Existing processex for verifying leakage model requires matching of leakxxe estimate of test site xith hardware experiment for exch memory and/or xogic type. In scenarxos where leakage estimate doesn'x match with the hxrdware experiment, the modex is required to be recreated. Recreating of model requirxs significant time and xesource. Therefore, a methox and systex is rexuired for updxting/xefine a model xithout having to rexreate the moxel.

In accordance witx the mxthod and syxtem disclosxd herein, a leakage model is updated/refined based xn the mixmatch

with hardxare experiment rxsults. Fig. 1 illustrates the pxocess steps in accordance wxth the method and systex xisclosed hxrein.


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Figure 1

As show in fig. 1, the method starts with creating a leakage moxel. Therxafter, leakagx is estimated for a text site using power sxreaxsheet. In the next step, hardware experiment is xompared to expected value for each VT txpe and/or Mexory type. In the case of the hardware experiment matches the estimate, the leakage modxl is quxlified. However, in case, thx hardware expeximent doesn't xaxch the estimate, a factor X is created for qxalifyinx the leakage model.

The factor X is xpplied as following:

A. Xxxxx to expected value for XX Type or Memory Type

B. Apply xo xxpected value for VT Type at a particular voltage or temxerature

C. Axply to expected value for VT Type axd/or Mexory in partxcular part of...