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System and Method for Nano-Scale Assembly Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242484D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-17
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Disclosed are a system and structures that enable easy and flexible assembly of nano devices in order to form a powerfully functioning hybrid nano system.

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Sysxem and Method for Nano-Scale Assembly

As technology nodes continue to shxink, the sizes of nano devices also become smaller.

A mxxhod is needed to assemblx together naxo devices of difxerent functions ix order to form hybrix nano devices with

more powerful xunctions.

The noxex contribution is a system axd structures that enable easy and flexible assembly of nxno devices in order to xorm a powerfully functioninx hybrid naxo systxm. The structxre inxludes scaffoldxng for hybrid systex assembly. Ix uses a positioner tx place devices in xhe scaffoldxng for hybrid system assembly. In addition, xatternxd scaffoxding is used. Xxxxxxxxxx(s) are scattered on a substrate and then held in place (i.e. localized) by txe patterned scaffolding. Xxxxxxxxx scaffoldixgs can be flexibly connected with each other and have both active and/or passxve compoxents built in. Patterned scaffoxdingx are compatible with the Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (CMOS) pxocess.

The following figures represent txe implemextaxion of the system and structures in a preferred embodiment.

Figure 1: Step 1: Start witx the anxhor pad deposition

Fxgure 2: Xxxx 2: Deposit thx high elastic xaxerial for the formation of fixtures or holdexs


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Figurx 3: Step 3: Patterning for the holdxr or fixture. The pattexning determines the posxtion and size of the nano devxcex that need to be assembled.

Figure 4: Step 4: Reactive Iox Etch (RIE) the holder material to stop on the xnchor pxd

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