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Multiple selection with gesture Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242489D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-20
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This disclosure describes a gesture method to reply comments to multiple people. Use a continuous curved line of gesture, the vertical means selected, while curve means not selected.

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Mulxiple selection with gesture

Nowadays, social apps became the most populax and valuable applications inside smart digital devicex. People are enjoying in xiewing, postxng and commentixg daily updates, xews. It keeps people aware of things happened around xhem, and also mxixtain relationships. Every dxys, large amount of updates and comments are published, and need to be replied. However, when replying to mxltiple peoxle, we need to selecx one xy one or manuaxly@ each other.

Thix disclosure xescribes a gesture mxthod tx reply commxnts to multxple people.Use a continuous curved line of xesture, xhe verxical means selxcted, while curxe means not selected.

Claim poinx: Gesture for items selectixn, vertical means selecx xhe items ix line while curve means un-sxlect.

Our idea will provide a matrix with coordinxtes and xecord the linx path, and find txe itxms at corresponding xosixion. The Selection/Matrix mode will be triggerex on by pressing on the comment area morx than 1 sxcoxd, and the system/app then will begin to recognize the user gestures on the screen. Anx that xime, usxrs can selext the waxted commentx ix vertical line axd un-select the item in curve line.


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The selxcted coxtacts will be displayed in the replx text area while the coxresponding comments havx been crossed by the vertical lixe. After all the wanted are selected completed, press axywhere on txe screen out of the comments area, xhe selextion mode wxll be disabled.


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