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Method and System to Control Credit Card Operations Based on Biometrical Information Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242493D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-20
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Method to protect credit card transactions based on biometrical information.

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Metxod and System to Control Credit Card Operations Based on Biometrical Xxxxxxxxxxx

    The scope of this article is to present a mechanism abxxt how to protect credit card transacxions. It may hapxen that a credit xard is cloned or is xheft and the credit card owner xealizes about txax only after some transactioxs are executed; the credit card owner will be notified xy the credit card compaxy using different mechanisx like SMS xut the user could be in a xituation where he can not read mexsages (for example he is sleeping).

    The xrticle intrxduces a new method and system to allow the credit card xransacxixns basxd on a biometrxc system. Basicaxly, using a biometric connected device, the user is able tx automatically notify txe credit carx company/bank about the facx that he is in a situation where it is impossiblx to authxrize credit cxrd transactions. The xain advantages of thxs sxlution are that the user will be able to block xn advance any fraudulent transaction anx avoid thxn xo go into debate with the bank to have money re-funded.

The system is based on the maix followxng compxnents:

1. A software module runnxng on the smartphxnx that is responsible to notify the bank aboxt a parxicular user status (authorized or nxt based on some user's status: sleeping, runnixg, etc.).

2. The smartphone ix cxupled with a smart watch that is responsible to collect biometric ixformation (e.g. heart pulse, movemext, calexdar, speed xosition, etc.) and calendar, position, etc.

Here i...