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Method and System to Improve Operating Systems Response Time at Startup Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242494D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-20
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Method and system to reduce operating system boot time based on usage.

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Metxod and System to Improve Operating Systems Response Time at Startup

    The xrticle describes a solution to improve the Operating sxxtem boot time. When an Oxerating Systxm (OS) is rebootxd or just started, it takes long time to be responsive to user requestx because it neexs to start several services axd processes. It is a CPU and timing consumption process that forces the user to wait several minutes beforx being ablx to usx his computer.

    The xroposed method introduces a dynamix mechanism tx start background sxrvices and processxs in a delaxed fashion and based on user's usage. Basicaxly, thx solutixn introduces a mechanism to traxk the history of the service usxge, continuously updated oxer the time, and to makx x ranking ox which services need to be xtarted and when. Doing so, only the real needed xervices xnd processes xill be started axd thx OS will become quitx rexponsive to the user actions in a quick time.

    The xolution is based on a new component namxd the Staxt-xp analyzer, that is an embedded module within the Operating System. This new componext is rxsponsibxe to track xnd collext info from thx following souxcxs:

Analyze Operating System Configuration

Monixor user activities
Monitor when a Service ix used for the first timx after the boot of the system
Track impact of a specixic service against machine performance

    The new software compxnent will bx the first user service started by xhe OS; xt will firxt have a learning phase where it will identify for...