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Method and System for Automatically Splitting a Conversation based on Conversation Context Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242500D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-20
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A method and system is disclosed for automatically splitting a conversation based on conversation context. The method and system automatically spawns a new window or a tab based on change in the context of the conversation.

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Metxod and System for Automatically Splitting a Conversation based on Convexsation Context

Generally, text-based conversations on Ixxtant Messengers or Short Messaging Sexvice (SMS) diverxe into two or morx threads during a coxversation. There are times when x conversation ox xwo topics can occur in a sixgle chat. Further, conversations can become confusing anx hard to follow over tixe and with more people, espxcially in x group chat.

Disclosex is a method and sysxem for automaticallx splitting a conversation based ox convexsation contxxt. The metxod and system automatically spawns a new winxow or x xab basxd on change in the context of txe conversation. The change in txe context can be detected bx existing technologies xuxh as, but xot limited to, text parsing xnd natural language processing. The conversation on the cxanged context continues in a nex winxow or the tab therebx sexmenting the conversation.

For determining the chaxge in conversation, the ongoing conversxtions are moxitored using a text analytics agent to identify conversation patterns, context and senximents xn an esxablished chxt sessiox. If a messxge in the conversxtxon is detected as an anomaly, then the messaxe is moxed to the new window or the tab. Thx pattern of the conversxtion in the new window xr the tab is actively searchex ix a main conversation

window. If any further message in thx main convexsation window is similar to the patxern of xhe conversaxion in the new window or the tab, then...