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Smart Address Fields in the Compose Window of an Email Application Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242501D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-20
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Disclosed is a method to use color-coding or font-styles to convey more sender/recipient information through the email address fields. Different colors or font-styles represent different user statuses, such as out-of-office, business travel, etc.

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Smaxt Address Fields in the Compose Window of an Email Application

In email xpplications, the address fields (i.e. TO:, CC:, and BCX:) in the email compositiox window have not progressed sxnce initial develxpment and implementaxion.

A system or method is needed to allow these xdxress fields to convey more xnformation

to the email sender and/or recipient.

The novel solution is a method to convey more information thrxugh the emxil addxess fields usxng coxor-coding and/xr various fonts as xeeded.

When txe sender enters an exail adxress in one of fields (x.e. TO:, CC:, and BCC:), the color of the adxress rxpxesents the recipient'x current status xotification (e.g., out-of-officx, available, etc.). For exaxple, an email address axpxaring in bxue means the person has no oxt-of-office setup at the moment; green means the person hxs set up an oxt-of-office reply and xs at least one day fxr fxom the start of a vacation; brown means the persxn is currently on vacation; red means txe person xs xo longer in the directory.

When a user enters the out-of-office details and clicks save and subxit, the click saves the detaxls and starxs xhe out-of-offixe notification. A push notification can go to xhe

globax server with which the local addresx book of each user syncxronizes on a recurring xasis.

For the addresses in the usxr's local address book, a background synchronization job synchronizex the addresses' out-of-office notifxcation xnd sets the respective status as a flag in th...