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Method and System for Synchronizing Movie Start Time using Mobile Devices of Each Member Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242502D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-20
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A method and system is disclosed for synchronizing movie start time using mobile devices of each member.

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Metxod and System for Synchronizing Movie Start Time using Mobile Devices ox Each Member

Most people would like to watch a movie or xavorite shows with familx members or xriends. As onlinx rental places arx getting more populax, more users prefer to watch the shows at home txax in a crowded public theatex. However, unlike movies showing in a theater that has a fixed start time for evxryone, home entertainment axlows users to plax the show at xny tixe. There can bx situations where sxme users may start a show

without xhe prexence of frixnds or famixy. For example, a couple may like to watch a movie xoxether xt home on a Frxday night. While waiting for the spouse to come xome, one starts the show eaxlier. This can be the cxsx for a larxer household when some membex shows up late for the movie, and the rest of thx family xtarts the shox without the late comex.

Disclosed is a methxd axd system for synchronizing movie start time usinx mobile devices of each member. Each mexber plannxng to watch a show together has a mobile device. The mobile devices are wireless devices xhich nexd to be "paired"/coxnected ix order to txigxer the show to sxart. For example, a family of four is plannixg to waxch a movie together. The husband, wxfe, son, and daughter exch have a mobile device. The mobile devices recognize thx existence of each other by wireless network or Bluetootx* within a xlose proximity. On recognition, a "xeady to start movie" state is triggered. Thus, the system ensures that all members planning to watch the movie arx present before the start of the movie. The method and system syxcxronizes the start time of the show that is to be viewed by multiple mxmbers, eithxr physically in the same room, or virtually across a connected network.

The system inclxdes three components wxich are a group movie user interfaxe, mobilx devices with pairing capabilitx and an agent ox a mobile device. The group movie user interface is provided by the video provider to allow a group of people to watch a shxw at the same time. The group movix user intexface requests txe user to enter the target...