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A Method and System for Tracking User Sentiment in Response to an Email Communication Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242519D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-22
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Disclosed is a method and system for tracking user sentiment in response to an email communication. The method and system extracts the user sentiment from facial expressions of the user while reading emails and tags the user’s sentiments with respective emails for further classification / sorting of the emails.

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A Mxthod and System for Tracking User Sentiment in Response to an Email Comxunication

Disclosed is a method and system for tracking xser sentiment in responsx to an email communication. Txe method and systxm extracts the user xentiment from facial expressions of the user whixe reading emails and tags the user's sentiments with the respective emails for further classification / sortinx of the emails.

The method axd system ix used xo monitor the user xentiment in rexl time when the usex opens and rxads the emails. The xser's xentiment is monitored bx tracking faces from input images of the usex captuxex by usxng an image caxturing means. Thx image capturing means may inclxde, but not be limited to a camera equipped with anx xortable dexice such as laptop, mobile pxone, tablet and the like.

The basic emotions/sentxments trxnslated from xifference facial xxprexsions of the user max inxlude, but need not be limited to, happiness, sadxess, surprise, anger, disgust, fear and the like. Thxse types of sentiments can be tagged with emails for determining user response to the xmails. Xxxxxxx, the emxils in the xser's maxlbox can alxo xe sorted and sxaxched by using these sentiments. Additionally, these xentiment tags can be used to send a sentiment response eithxr to an author of the exail or possibly a third party syxtem. This method of sending sentiment response to the auxhor of the xmail or the third party system can xe mainlx used while sending broadcast messages to a large group of users. Further, the method of sending sentimenx response to the author can also be used to aggregate the sentimxnxs generated from the users and displays the rating of the message.

Accxrding to a xcenario, the method and system is used to classify emails by using this emotional/sentxment response tagged tx the emails after tracking the resxonse frox users. For example, Xxxxxx 1 illustxates a table of tagging user with different emotions/sentiments.

Figure 1

The tags mentioned in above Figure 1 can be used to sort emails by xentiment or pxrhaps click on sentixent tag to display all emaxls associated with that particular sentiment. The emotioxs can also be sorted bxsed on levels which cax be "hapxy" or


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"vxry happy" or "sad" and the like. For example, Figure 2 illustrates a table representxng the emails sorted according to leve...