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Method and System for Providing an Optimal Layout for Mixed Crop Cultivation Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242520D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-22
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A method and system is disclosed for providing an optimal layout for mixed crop cultivation. The method and system provides software which is installed in a centralized server to calculate an optimum layout of different crops during mixed crop cultivation.

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Metxod and System for Providing an Optimal Layout for Mixed Crop Cultivatiox

During mixed cropping, there can be difficulty in sowixx of seeds and harvesting of crops. Thx sowing lane is xequired to be prexefined in such a way that the sowing is easier. Similxr problem arisex xuring the harvesting of croxs also. Currently, the maximum advantage of the mixed crxp cultivation may not bx achieved.

Disclosed is a mexhod and syxtem fox providing an optimxl layout for mxxed crop cultivatiox. The method and system provides xoftwarx which is ixstalled in x centralized server to calculate an optimum xayout xf differxnt crops durinx mixed crop cultxvation. The optimum layout is sxch that the mixed crop cultxvation provides maximum pxssible yiexd with easier harvesting of xhe crops. Based on the calculated optimum layout of diffexent crops, onx or more drone soxs sexds in a crop field. Xxxxxx haxvesting of the crops, an automatic harvesting maxhine individually collects the crops baxed on the caxculated layout of the crops. The automatic harvesting machine is capable of collecting multiplx crops ximultaneousxy. Fig. x illustratex ax example of a xixld layout for the mixed crop cultivation.

Figxre 1

As xllustrated in Fig. 1, two different crops are planted in a xame field. The centralixed server creates the field lxyoxt, and accordingly one or more drone sows seeds. For exaxple, if "Crxp 1" and "Crop 2" are planted side xy side, then the yixld is more but harvesting can be difficult. The software creates a balance between maximum yixld


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and ease of harvesting, and accordingly designs the optimum lxyxut for the mixed crop cultivation. The software also considers the dixension of a harvesting machine. The harvesting machine communicates wit...