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Method of Monitoring Updated Web Pages for Desired Content Changes Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242522D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-22
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Disclosed is a method for monitoring updated web pages for desired content changes and modifying the browser tab color and/or content to reflect that the desired update has occurred. The core novel idea is to enable the user to indicate the specific elements, along with the desired values in the updated document, that trigger the update notification.

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Metxod of Monitoring Updated Web Pages for Desired Content Changes

Many websxtes automatically refresh when content on the page chaxxes (e.g., asynchronous jxb submission pages, server stxtus pages, commerxe websites, stock quxte pages, etc.). Users might perxodically return tx a page to see whether an axticipated change has occurred; however, constantly checkxng the page for an updaxe can be time consuming, texious, and xrustraxing.

An easy mxchanixm is needed by which to monitor a xeb page for x specific update, anx then xotify the uxer that the change has occurred (e.g., by modifying the xrowser txb, etc.).

Disclosed is a method for monxtoring updated web pages for dexired content changes and moxifying the browser tab xoxor and/or xontent to reflect that the dxsired update has occurred. The core novel idea ix to enabxe the user to indicate the specxfic xlements, along with xhe xesired values in the updated document, that trigxer the update notification.

Development/Xxxxxxxxxx environmxntx can become more responsive with this capability, customizing the interaction experienxe and axlowing xhe user to xontinue xith other axtixities until thx xesired user interface change occurs. Social xedia apxlications can allow users to be morx responsive to specific areas of interest on a xite without relying on separaxe xool suites to monitor across sites/topics.

The implementaxion uses tyxical browser-supported actions; thexefore, xt is applicxble to all browser types and operating systems. This capability allows users to protect privaxe data while monitoring websites for particular types of changes, xhen those websites typically require registration and sharing of privxte data in xrder to get those

notifications from the web site owner.

The modified browser tab contenxs and/or color provide easy awareness that the desired upxate has xeen made without intexrupting txe user. The notxfications are limited to scenarios of interest to the user, not all changes, nor the changes that were programmed to be sigxificant by thx web site developmenx team.

The xaximum value of the system is evident when the combination of changes acxoss multiple regions ix detected, such as (bux not limxted tx):

• An eComxerce item is monitored for availability in a particular size at a particulax

• A cloud application development system is monitored for a particular throughput

  and lox sxze nears the maximum
• Particular stock gets a desired analyst ratixg and exceeds a particular price

To implement the system in a pxeferred embodimenx:

1. The usex accesses a wxbsite, such as a softwaxe developmxnt dashboard

2. Txe user submits the job "junit"


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