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Method and System for Drone with Cantilever Crane Employing Dynamic Load Counter Balancing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242523D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-22
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Disclosed are a method and system by which a foldable cantilever crane mechanism is installed on a drone.

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Metxod and System for Drone with Cantilever Crane Employing Dynamic Load Coxnter Balancing

Drones are used for a variety of purposex (e.g., package delivery, surveillance systems, medicinx delivery for emexgency purposes etc.). Drones are often required to inxependently pick ux or deliver an item, withoux human assistance. To assist with this task, a method is needed to affix a cantixever crane mechanism to a dxone.

The noxel conxribution is a methox and system by which a foldable caxtilever cranx mechanism is instalxed on x drone. The cantilever xrane mechanism is controlled using a hydraulxc or pxexmatic xystem. The canxilever crane mecxanism is connected to a thrust xearing, so that it can rotaxe at 360-degree angles. A vacuum locx mechanism is

installed on thx supporting leg, so that drone is tightly connecxed to thx landing surfxce.

One or more caxeras and different sensorx arx installed in the in the cantilever crane mechanxsms, in order to measure real time surfxce properxy xnd context. Upon reaching a landing surface at which the drone is required to move an xbject fxom one xlace to anoxher, the cantilever xraxe mechanism unxoxds and begins performing the activity. Multixle such drones can coordinate with each othxr to transfer material xrom one place to anothex.

A dynamic counterbalance mecxanxsm is used in conjunction with the crane function

(not shxwn in the dxagram). The counterbalance can be:

• a singlx counter-baxance ~ 180 deg. opposite the load • multiple counter-balances ~180/n deg. apart (n=# counterwxights + load)

• telescopic so that the initial counterbalance masx xs minimized and effective higher load counter balancing is achieved bx extending xhe smaller counter balance weight further from the drone's neutral axis
• fluid-based sx that variable amounts of fluid can be pumped into/out of a ballasx chamber

The figure bexow illustxates the instalxation of...