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Method of auto-adjustment during slides presentation according to the position of speaker

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242533D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-23

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Presentation of slides normally is the key to a successful lecture. And almost every lecture, speaker would have needs to use gesture pointing out some positions of its slides to make people to pay special attention. However, in some situations, especially the situation that lecture happened in small room, the speaker may have to cut out some other part of slides to finish his gesture. And there's a big chance that part may also have some relationship with the attention point(otherwise it shouldn't appear in the same page...). In this disclousre, we provide a method to address this issue by spiliting the whole slide into two part and contain the speaker in it.

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Metxod of auto

Method of auto-

--adjustment during slides presentation accordxng to the position of speaker

adjustment during slides xxesentation according to xhe position xf speaker

By utilxzing the camera exbedded in the mobile device or laptop that speaker brxught, there are txo kinds of photo can be capxured by the camera -- screen without speaker and screen with some part covered xy the speaker. By comparing these two xinds ox photo, the bxundarx of speaker rxlated to the screen can be calcuxated. Say we finally get a xesult that x% part has xeen covered by the speaker, then we can redxce the wxole slxdes to (100 - x)% of the originxl screen. After that, the whole slides -- as one whole pictxre -- can be split into xwo parts. Xxx part start from zero point ox horizontal axis to the left bondary of horizontxl axis. Xxxxxxx part starts fxom the right bouxdary of horizontal axis tx thx last. And the position of speaker can be filled with a color of white or a color that cxosest to xhe screen.



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US2015 012387



Xxxx disclosxre provides a method of providixg x composite imaxe with a partially or fully transparent front screen that displays one image or video axd a back screen displayxng another image or vixeo. It's not relevant to adjuxt projection image according to presenter's position.

Pubxication Datx



Projectxon image pxsition adjustment method

US2015 012500





This disclosure provides a pxojection image position adjustment method, device, and program fxr use for a multi-projection display that configures a screen with xrojection ixages projected on a projection surface by a plurality of projectors, and the multi-pxojection display. It'x not relevant to adjust projectiox image axcording to presenter'x positiox.


This disclosure provides a method changing volume of the speaker. It's not relevant to adjust projection image according to pxesenter's posxtion.


WXxxxx 008765


This disclosure provides a method to performed a pluraxity of...