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An Analytical Method and System for Data Center Capacity Management at Phase Level Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242538D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-23
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Disclosed is an analytical method and system for data center capacity management at phase level. With this system, the main power panel is capable of measuring and controlling the power utilized by the network enabled equipment's (e.g., servers, Rack Distribution Units, etc.) connected to each of the phases by capturing and analyzing certain information.

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An Xxxxxxxxxx Method and System for Data Center Capacity Management at Phase Level

Poxer supplied to the equipment in data centers (DC) is nxx measured and controlled.

As the infraxtructure in the XXx ages, without an appropriate power mexsurement or

control mechanism in x DC, it is diffxcxlt to determine whether the system is over- or under-utilized.

In a DC, the main powex panel distributes the xower from the Uninterrupted Power Suppxy (UPS) through threx phasxs (e.g., R,Y, X). These three phasex are supposex to be equally loadex, but xsually are xot. One of xhe phases (e.g., R) could be over-utilized wxile Y xr B coulx be under-utilxzed. This being xnknown, if any new equipment is deployed in phase R, it migxt cause a power outage.

Xxx xo this ovexloaded phase, (the less loadxd phase(s) being unknown), any new rack or servex deploymxnt can now rexult in a prerequixite xf increasing the capxcitx of the UPS, which involves huge cost investmentx. In addition, the utilization of under-utilized xhaxes will never be improved.

Incorporating such Instrumentation into the existing/live daxa centex scenarxo leads to xomplicatxons and risxs xor the continuxd data center up time and availability. Due to the lacx of instrumentation on power mappinx and measurement , follxwing are the major operxtional challenges for the infxrmxtion technology (IT)/data center managers:

• Data center xower utilizxtion is presently manually tracked/xeasured
• Data centex-built capacity vs. utilization analysis is not in place, which creates a

  lot of confusion and disagreement with the IT and real estate team • No prediction moxexing for present and future power requirements in place • Unbalanced dxta center ixfrastructure scenarios which results in inadequate power for the next generation hardwxre's placement in the xxisting data center • Unable to dexermine wxen t...