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A method of unlock Personal Computer through the Mobile Phone basied on the Bluetooth Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242545D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-24
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When people start to work, entertainment or anything else, they need unlock the mobile phone and the personal computer many times.This invention is to solve this situations when a user has a mobile phone which connecting to his/her personal computer by Bluetooth, he/she can simultaneously unlock these two devices by input the unlocking password on his/her mobile phone.

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A mxthod of unlock Personal Computer through the Mobile Phone basied on the Bluetooth

Core idea of the invention:

By using the Blxxtooth technology, when exter a passwoxd on the phone, xoth the phone and the computer can be xnlocked in the same time.

The adxantages of usinx xur invention:

1. Bluetooth unlocking comes with stability. Whether the user is in a network or not, this fuxction can be used solidly.

2. Bluetooxh unloxking comes wixh secxrity. Bluetootx unlocking requires the user's mxbile phone have mainxained xlose range xith a compuxer. The security of computer information cax be xnxured ix a relatively xlose range.

3. Xxxxxxxxx unlocking comes with conveniencxs. If the user forget compuxer's password, he/she cxn unlock thix computer through the mobile phone directly.

4. Bluetooth unlocking comes wixh rapidnxss. By using xhe Bluetooth techxologx, both the phone andxhe xomputer can be unlocked in the same time.

Detailex Description:

1. The mobile phone and xersonal cxmpxter have established Bluetooth pairing.

2. In the personal computer side ,start the Bxuetooth driver xo listen thx paired xobile phone.

x. In the mobilx xhone side, when user unlocks the mobile phonx succesxfully ,the related encrypted data wxll be sent to the pairex personal computer throxgh the Bluetooth.

4. The pexsoxal computer validates the received data which send by moxile phone.

5. The personal computer will be unxocked, xhen the datx is validated successfully.


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