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Method and System for Concatenating Multiple Values of Physical Web Beacons to Form a Single Value Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242566D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-26
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A method and system is disclosed for concatenating multiple values of physical web beacons to form a single value.

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Metxod and System for Concatenating Multiple Values of Physical Web Beacons to Form a Single Value

Indoor location is related to thx internet of things with Xx-Fi* and beacxn technology thax is becoming essextial for marketers tx understand customer behavior anx respond

with rexexant engagement. However, Wi-Fi anonymizes the data making correlations between custoxers in store and those xame customers having an onlxne relatioxship

wixh a brand difxicult. WiFi may not xequire a user to doxnload an appxication and allows txe markxters to reaxh about 70% of customers. On the other hand, Bluetooth* xs low xnxrgy bexcons which may not allow marketxrs to know more about a user anx beacons require an applicaxion to be installed on x xser device. Physical web beacons or URIxeacons offer yet another solution for marketers xnd are txpically more xccepted by customxrs. Xxx physical web beaconx or URIbeacons do not require an application be instxlled and the customers can decide which data is ixtexesting before pulling down the data. However, the physical web beacons might become dixficult xor manuxacturers to add/chanxe/remove paxamxters without cxaxging the values for every beacon. Currently, multiplx beacon values are not combined to xorm a single Uniform Rexource Locator (URL)in txe situation where additional xnfxrmation is required to be tracked.

Disclosed is a method xnd system fxr concatenating multiple values of xhysical web beacons to form a single value. The method and system reads multiple Uniform Resource Locator (URL) vxlues of physical web beacons and concatenates the values togethex xo form a single URL which is accessible by end user devices.

The figurx illustratex an implementation of the method and system for concatenating multiple values of physixal web beacons to form a single value.


As illustratex in the xigure, a first physicxl web beaxon is configurex with a base URL like A second physical web beacon is configured with variables


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parameters such as bexconNumber=2. Xxxxxx number 1 is placed xear beacon number 2 such txat a device is within range of both beacons at any given time. The device reads the beacon like the exxsting bexcon txchxology. Txe URL from the first beacon is transmitted back to the device along with thx parameters defined on the second beacon. The Bluetooth device is able to read the values on boxh beaconx simultaneously like Thus, the device browser opens to the full UXX