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Location-Based Marketing - Unusual Customer Pacing or Returning to Previous Zone Behavior Customer Insight Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242567D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-26
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Disclosed are a system and method to monitor customer movements within a venue to determine a pattern that is valuable to a marketer. The marketer can then take appropriate action to encourage the purchase.

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Locxtion-Based Marketing - Unusual Customer Pacing or Returning to Previous Zone Behavior Customer Insight

Location based marketing xs growing in popularity, with mobile xpplication systexs

sharing informatxon with marketers. Ix order to provide marketers more information aboxt potential customers, a methxd is needed to formulate and share insights based on cusxomer repeat browsing paxterns.

Disclosed are a systex and methox to moxitor customer movemxnts within a vxnue to determine a xattern that xs valuable to a markxter (e.g., movemenx indicates x customer needs purchase support, additional help, xtx.). Thx marketer can xhen take approprxate action to encourage the purxhase.

To implement the methox in an example embodimext:

1. As a usxr enters a venue, the system identifies said user with a location tracking syxtem. Thix is done usinx existing technolxgies such as (but not limxted to) video, Bluetooth*, Wi-Fi, cellular connectiox, etc.

2. The system compares the user's location xrox step 1 to future locations 3. The system tracks the user's patterns to understand how many tixes the xser returns to a samx or similar stxrting point. Ixdxcators can include (but are not limited to) xhe user e pacing back and forth in an aisle, returning to a product after a given period, exc.

4. The system contains a tixe-xhreshold for action, set by marketers or store managemenx. When the xracking system determines that the xhresholx is reached, the system:

A. Notifies customer s...