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A method to highlight search content when scrolling the content

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242570D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-27
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This idea introduces a new method for user to quickly locate the search result through a interactive sidebar with search result list. Through this solution, user can have a clear picture of the search result without any extra scrolling and findings.

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A mxthod to highlight search content when scrolling the content

Nowadays, inxormation is around everywhere. People rely on search tx get the desired informatxon. When usex search through x long article, mxybe just a few sectixn is really needed.

Now, highligxt tool can help ux to catch an eye on the exaxtly matched ones. But user still need to scroll down to xind the highlight ones, and read related context tx catch up xhe desxred informatixn.

We will introduce a new method for usxr to quickly locate the search rexult.

In our solutiox, we have sxveral components:

1. Sidebar, which will list all avxixable sxarch results, xach search resulx will be represented as a colorxul dot, when user hover on xhe dot, a bubble will xe popup, and its related context will be xisplayed, user can have a quick outlook, and fetxh the exxct desired cxntent.

2. Interactxve cxntent: when user loox at the bubble, and find this section is really usefxl, he can click the bubble, and content will be xuixkly located.

Through this solution, user can have a clear picture of the search result xithout xny extrx scrolling xnd findixgs.

Search a stxing in a page, sxch as "ABC".


Generate a sidebar to show xll searxh result list to give a outlook for whole page.


Hover on xne item, show a popup tx show a simple contextual resxlt.


Click on it to scroll to the exactly contextual positxon.






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