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Real Time Accessibility Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242575D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-28
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Currently, a lot of software companies run automated testers, in-browser extensions for single page testing, and/or a testing suite for software accessibility capabilities. The inherent problem with all of these existing solutions is that they require developers to go back to their code and integrate accessibility issues after they have already contributed to their projects. The steps are usually as follows: - Developer contributes code in project - After some testing, accessibility issues arise - The issues are documented - The issues are added to a mixed bucket of other development to do lists - The developers that might or might not originally have worked on the code start integrating fixes, and it is not guaranteed for the developers to be knowledgable about software accessibility. - The fixes are usually crude and not in context of the software unless a dedicated accessibility designer and/or developer contribute to the fixes. Remediating code issues, whether it be bugs, security vulnerabilities or accessibility problems, is not only a complex communication issue, but it is difficult to actually implement. The disclosed will review how these issues can be fixed by introducing a system and method that can alleviate some of the pointed complications, as well as a new workflow for developers.