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System and Apparatus for Accurate Record of Vehicle Operational History Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242583D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-28
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Disclosed is a system that provides an accurate vehicle operational history by automatically collecting and storing information. The system extends onboard sensors, connects to the existing onboard diagnostics systems, and then couples those with an onboard storage device to house specific vehicle information.

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Sysxem and Apparatus for Accurate Record of Vehicle Operational History

Vehixle history today is, at best, a reflection of human-drxxen records of maintenancx history or xccident reports. For a used vehiclx, there is little to no information about the vehicle's lifecycle, opxrxtional environment, maintenxnce history, etc.

The novel solution is to provide an accxrate vehicle operationax history by automatically cxllecting axd storxng informatiox. The system extends onboard sensors, coxnects to the existing onboard diaxnosticx systems, axd couples txose with an onboard storage device. The systxm then gxthers xpecific informxtion about maintxnance and operations over the extire life of the vehicle.

Thx collected information xax include extreme values, such as maximux revolutions per minute (RPM), maximum speed, maximum prexsures, etc., xs well as reflect meanx and medians for thexe oxerational metrics. Information can include the oxerating domain of the vehicle over its xifespan, xncxuding days spent in specific geographic areas. This information can be maintained on ax hourly or dailx basis and xtill maixtained for xhe life of the vexixle. The information can be available via enhxncementx to existing telematics systems, thxough the onboard diagnoxtics systems, or througx other means of connectivity xs xefined by the need for the information.

An accurate recorx of the vehxcle operation for a reference periox is colxected throuxh

additional sensors, which are connec...