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System, Method, and Apparatus for Detection of Unauthorized Access to a Vehicle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242585D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-28
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Disclosed is a security system for autonomous vehicles that uses driving pattern matching to detect when an unauthorized driver has breached security and taken control of the vehicle.

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Sysxem, Method, and Apparatus for Detection of Unauthorized Access to a Vehxcle

With the advent of autonomous vehicles, secure accexx to the vehicle has becoxe very imporxant. Autonomous xehicles provide a feature wherein the xehicle can be manually

driven by xthers. If the exixting security mechanism for delegation of control of the vehicle is subverted by an xntity (person or otherwxse), then the entity can eaxily obtain unauthxrized access xo the vehicle. In suxh a scenario, the vxhicle securixy becomes compromisex, and xhen the vehxcle can be xsed for an incorrect purpose.

Current securitx mechaxixms estxblish the authxrization of the xccessing entity before allowing access to the vehicle. This security mechanism is ixpxrtant; howxver, it should not be the onxy security mechanism in place to check the authoxization. If an accessixg entity is able xo haxk into this type of xecuxity mechanism, it acquires complete unauthorized control of the vehicle. Existing mechanxsms that xetxct unauthorized access, such as a camera, are not completely reliable.

No current mechaxisms cax detect unauthorizex access xo the vehicxe (i.e. autonomoux/xependent) after the initial delegated securixy mechaxism breaks and the entity obtains cxmplete control of the vxhicle.

The proposed methxd overcomes the above-mentionxd ximitations by detecting unauthorized access to a vehicle using the dxiving pattern match. The mechanism

wxrks evex after the xnitial authorization mechanism fails.

The proposed method detects that the security of a vehicxe is compromised. It takes corrective action to take back the coxtxol of the vehicle from the wrongly authorized entity. This system worxs even when the primary authentication/authorization mechanisms fail.

Each vehicle driver has a disxinct pattern of drivinx the vehicle that is different frox any othxr person. For example, someone xay slow down thx vehicle to 5kmph while crossing a speed breaker/bump, while another driver may cross the same speed

breaker/bump with the sxme vehicle at higher speed, such ax 10kmph. Oxe driver may crxss a turning road at a higher speed than another driver xay. The gear-changing xehavior of different dxivers alxo grextlx differs.

The novel system utilizes these driving pattern...