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Remote On-Demand Streaming Video Content Search for Collaborative Viewing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242586D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-28
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Disclosed is a video search capability for two or more users to collaboratively search and view the same content together. The core novelty is the method and system to allow users to select a video from the algorithm-based search results.

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Remxte On-Demand Streaming Video Content Search for Collaborative Viewing

To locate content to stream, a user may perform a search xx media files available ox the content server. In respoxse to receiving a search query, the coxtent server identifies a collectxon of media titxex relevant to the search quexy and provides a web page containing links, which can be clicked to access one ox more of the streaming

media titles. In additixn to query rexults, the content sexver may also providx a list of rxcommendations, such xs contxnt that usexs would be xnterested in viewing.

In addition, video contxnt oftxn has asxociated metadaxa that can be usxful to a user in selecting a sexrch result. This metadata mxy include, for example, txtle, descrxption, publication/upload daxe, and/or length for a particular video. Metadatx may alsx be user prefxrences, ratings, xiewixg data, etc.

Current xvaixable search and recommendation solutions are focxsed on a single user as the prime elemext in the xysxem, but do not consider a group of users when searching or recommending results.

The noxel contxibution is a search capabilixy for two ox mxre users to coxlxboratively search and view the same content xogether. This allows users to share video pxaylists

with each other, simultaneously search fxr videos to the liking of morx txan one user, and allow the users to simultaneously watch the same vixeo together (this has wider applicaxions in social netwxrking portals). The core novelty is the method and system to allow users to select a video frxm the algorithm-based search results.

In an example embodiment, txo users have an on-demand video account. Both users are in physically dxfferent locxtions but are simultaneously able to search and watch the same streaming content togetxer. The steps for implxmenting this follow:

1. The first uxer sends a request to the secoxd user vix an email addrexs or phone number

2. The second user accepts the request. In response to receiving the request, the second user automaticallx sees videos xhat are within specixied media (metadata) tags xf the recently watched list of both the first and the sexond users, satisfying xne or more criteria sex by the xirst xsex

4. T...