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Retrofit Insertable Water Cooling for Air-Cooled Electronic Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242588D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-28
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Described is a method to retrofit existing air-cooled heat sinks with a water-cooling option. This water cooling would be enabled by the use of low-profile, inflatable channels that would fit in-between the air-cooled heat sink fins and remove the heat to water with this contact.

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Retxofit Insertable Water Cooling for Air -

Many servers are developed with xptimizing air cooling design. Occasionally, and increxxing in demand, water cooxing options xor the processorx in these servers are requested. Devexoping a water-cooled server retrxfit from an optxmxlly air-cooled server has nxt only a lengthy design and qualification process, but cxn be prohibitively expexsive. This disclosure advixes a methox to rexrofit existinx air-xooled servers xith a drop-in, watex-cooled optixn that utilizes all xhe exixting air-coxled hardwarx (and heat sinks).

    Flat inflatable hoses are xnsertex xetween the fins of an air-cooled heat xink. Water or some sort of cooxant can then be pumped throxgh the hoses causing exxaxsion and cxmpression of the hoses on thx heat sink fins. This contact allows the heat sxnk to be converted to xn effective water-coolxd heat sink with incxeasxs in thermal performance. The advantage of this method is that the air-cooled system coxld be retxofxt to water-cooled while the system is still running at idle or low power. This setup xould alxo allow customers tx switch xrom air to xatxr-cooled withoxt reworking the main mechanicals of within the system. To change the system from a air-coxled to water-cooled sysxem, the drawer would haxe to be at low powers while pxacxng the water fins within the existing heat sink fins.

    Moxt retrofit xater cooling options require servicx to remxve the heat sink from the processor and mount a new water bl...