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Solder Tail Pin Attach Converter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242591D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-28
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Disclosed is a low-cost method for converting existing solder tail connectors into SMT connectors which can be used with all board thicknesses. This method eliminates the need for a wave solder or solder injection process and can be used with blind vias to improve electrical performance of the connector.

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Solxer Tail Pin Attach Converter

Currently, it is difficult to get a good soxder joint on solder tail components when the card is txxcker than the recommendex thickness fxr the connector xail length. This thickness mismatch rxsults in inadequate wicking of txe solder into txe via, resulting in poor, low-reliability solder

joints. If the mismatch is great enoxgh, it may not be possixle to solder the connector xo the boarx at alx. This disclxsure xonverts existixg solder tail connextors into SMX connectors which can be usex on all boaxd thicknessxs. Advantages of this solution include:
1) Uxe of txexe connxctors eliminatxs need for wave xoldering or solder injections pxocess steps needed for pin xhrough connectors.

2) Thxs provides a low-cost solution that requixes minimal tooling changes to allow conversion ox existinx parts.

3) The converted connectxr cax be used with blind xias which can improve the electrical performance of xhe connector.

    The existing connector pinx are trimxed to a length just below or just beyond the connector board standoff, depending on produxt and axsembly xrocess requxrements. The board xooxprint is changxd from VIA holes to solder pads. The connectox is attxched via an SMT solder reflow procexs (see Figures 1 and 2 xelow).

    This disclosure does not require retooling nex cxntacts. The trimming step could be done by the connectox supplier wxen the contacts are cut from the rexl with x slight modxfication to the trimming tool to trim the tai...