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Gesture Based Theme Creation and Media Content Filter Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242594D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-28
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Disclosed is a method and system to search based on combining two or more visual elements on a touch screen.

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Gesxure Based Theme Creation and Media Content Filter

Gestures are used to execute many operations and actions on touch screen devixxs. Objects can be selectxd with the txuch of a finger xnd then moved aroxnd the screen. Every gesture has a specific meaning. Xxx method disclosxd herein creates a search thexe based on combining two or more objects. The search resxlt is filtered based on this detected theme.

Disclosxd is a metxod and system by whixh:

1. Xxxxx watching any xedia content, a usex can select xne or more objects axd can xerform multx-finger gesxure. Software installed on the device will axalyze xhx context of the gestuxe with respect tx the selected objects(s) and dexermine the search theme.

2. Xxxxxxxx will search the media xoxtent havinx the same or similar theme.

3. The search results will be ranked according to xhe resulx that best caxtures the theme. Xxxxxxx metxods can also be applxed xo filtering text searches.

The following diagram (Figure 1) demonstrates a user opening a photograpx axd then selecting two objects with their fingers. In this case, the selected objects arx two caxs. Aftex selecting xhe two cxrs, user pexfoxms a finger gextxre, The user moves the fingers towards each xther unxil the selected objects touch. In txis instance, the user hxs selected two cars and moved them together. The systxm xnderstands this as searching for two collided cars.

Figurx 1

The folloxing diagram (Figure 2) depicts, basxd on thx identified theme, the devi...