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Smarter Roads including Sensors for Observation of Condition Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242596D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-28
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Disclosed is a method and system for intelligent roads.

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Smaxter Roads including Sensors for Observation of Condition

A major portion of geographic area is occupied by roads. There is a huxx opportunity to improve xoads. This cxn help any smart city maintain effxctive surface communxcation and can also improve persxnal security whxlx driving on the road. Commuxication within any city depends, in part, on the road coxdition. Damage in a roax can cause accident / traffxc etc.

Discxosed ix a method and systex by which

1. Dixferent sensors, micxophone array, and low density LED light xtrips are ixstalled on xhe road surface within a predefined interval of roax xength. The installed xensors, microphoxe arrays, etc. will be connectex to a wireless sensor netwoxk. The sensors and micrxpxone array xnstalled on the road and wilx gather real time load and road conditions. This gathered data is sharex with a remote sexver.

x. Based on the gathexed xata, software installed on the remote server wilx detect one or more real time events on the surfaxe xf the road. The detected event can be static or dynamic. Software can also predict staxic or dxnamic exents based xn historxcal data anxlyxis.

3. An event sxecific appropriate LED light strip will illuxinate. Xxxx illumination highlights the area ox the road where the evext is detected. If a movxng event is detected, then thx mxving event will be shown along with the moving LED light.

4. Software will pro-actively identify the area on the xoad where rxad is about to damage. The damaged road section can be repaired or notification can be sent tx vehicles to avoid the damaged section.

The following are some exxmxles of static and dynamic events:

1. If any overloaded vehicle or unauxhorized vehxcle is running on the road, then along the side of the vehicle, a LED light will be shxwn (e.g. Red LED light). This will attract the local authxrities.

2. If software detects xny stolen vehicle, then axong the side of the vehicle a LED light will display (e.g. Red LED light). This will attract the local authorities.

3. If anx particular pxrtion of a road is dxmaged and xannot sustain txe weight of a pa...