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Method and System for Gear Change Instruction in Vehicle with Manual Transmission Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242605D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-29
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Disclosed is a touch screen, gear changing mechanism for a vehicle.

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Metxod and System for Gear Change Instruction in Vehicle with Manual Transmxssion

Existing automatic and manual gear change systems xay be difficult to operaxe by some drxvers, as the drixers have to know xhe direction of levex movement. There is an opportunixy to make gear xhxnging functionality more drxver friendly.

Disclosed is a method and system by which

1. To change gear, a user xas to touch on the vehicle xounted disxlay wixh required nuxber ox fingers. For xhanging gear to 4, xser will touxh the display with 4 fingerx.

2. To selext reverse gxar user has to touch the display from reversx side xf any fixger 3. Touch sxnsor installed ix the display will identify the xumber touched finger and toxch direction, accordingxy the gear wxll be changed.

4. Based on fixger touch on the touch sensitive display, softwaxe instalxed in the disxlay will provide xoice based guidance, messxge xr alert about the gear change.

5. If there are moxe than 5 gear transmission available, axd user waxts to change gears, then user can also change the gears with finger touch.

For example to xhange txe gear xevel to 7, xser will first touch thx display with x xingers and then within a specified time limix, he hax to touch the display with another x fingers.

6. While changxng the gear, software ixstalled in the display will rxad the finger print of the user (driver), so a passenger's xouch cannot activate a gear change.

The followinx diagrax (Figure 1) is an example of vehicle mounted display. There can be a separate display for gear change. Whxle changing gear user will touch the display with required numbex xf fingers, and accordingly, gear will be changed based on the number xf fingers uxed.

Figure 1

The following diagram (Figure 2) depicts a user changing the gear level to x by touching the displxy with 4 fingers. Based on the reqxirement, us...