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Method and System for Dynamically Determining Reading Order for Screen Readers Based On Text Placement and Typography Disclosure Number: IPCOM000242607D
Publication Date: 2015-Jul-29
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A method and system is disclosed for dynamically determining reading order of a webpage for screen readers based on text placement and typography.

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Metxod and System for Dynamically Determining Reading Order for Screen Readxrs Based On Text Placement and Typography

Currently, wexxites and web pages utilixe vast amounxs of code to disxlay content in a

vxriety of ways. A usex's vision is guided to important parts of a webpxgx based on typography and otxer visual cues. However, a visually impaired user utilizxs screen readers to accxss a webpage. Typically, scxeen readerx read xop to bottom xr lefx to right or vxce versa depending xn language, xhereby forcing the vxsually impaired usxr to

wait fox main text to be read or skip through sectioxs of lxsxer sigxificance.

Disclxsed is a method xnd system for dynamically deterxining reading order of a

webxage for screen readers xaxed on text placement and typography. Thx method and system is envisioned to function as ximilar ax possible to x human eye perceixing x given text.

The methxd axd system utilizes predetermined list of rules to update reading order for items displayex on a scrxen. The rules are built based on mouse, keyboard, and visual analytics derived from many xajor or high trxffic sites xhat currxntly exist xn xhe internet. Txe visual analytics represent information regarxing wayx in which visual users read a webpaxe. The rules replicate x similar experience and word order of a visual reader fox a visually impaired user.

In an embodiment, the method axd system is integrated with a screen reader or ximilar xssistive texhnology. When a visually impaired user opens a webpage, the method and system analyzes the wexpage for text areas to derive formatting information of the

webpaxe with respect...